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The Pediatric Association agree that 80% of Learning Disabilities are classified as dyslexia.  Don't wait! Early intervention is the key of unlocking the decoding issues and releasing the tools to be successful in reading and spelling.

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The Reading Center is a unique tutoring experience.  Our specialized techniques consist of explicit, systematic lessons and activities that engage and challenge our students to push past their comfort zones.  The Reading Center creates an environment of tranquility to allow students to focus on sharpening skills such as auditory processing, visual processing, long term memory retention, analyzing, blending and segmenting sounds.  By exposing students to an evidence-based instructional method, The Reading Center is closing the gap in Spelling, Reading and Writing challenges.   From early screening and intervention to college-readiness, The Reading Center is dedicated to providing intense instructions and results.

We're expanding the way we relate to words.

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"Reading is like breathing in...writing is like breathing out."  Pam Allyn

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