Finding Hope….
And a Love of Reading

Realizing that your child may have dyslexia can be overwhelming, but hope is available.

Our journey began two years ago. My son had turned seven and still had not made any real progress in learning how to read. We had spent years doing traditional phonics with no success. He had become completely frustrated and I was overwhelmed with the realization that he may have a learning disability.

He struggled with letter reversals, could not sound out words, and didn’t even recognize familiar words. His difficulty grew worse as he moved through second grade. He was having problems memorizing math facts and could follow a sequence of steps. I realized that he probably had dyslexia, something a child can never outgrow.

 An online search offered only one option, but I was desperate to help my son. At this tutoring facility, he spent the next several months working in small groups on an i-pad. There was very little improvement during this time.

When it seemed that hope was almost lost, we discovered The Reading Center. Yvette Blanchard welcomed my son and offered personalized tutoring. She provided lessons that were multi-sensory and engaging. My son was excited to attend tutoring sessions and began making amazing progress. As a parent of a dyslexic child herself, Yvette could relate to my questions and concerns on a personal level.

Because of the individualized and research-based instruction at The Reading Center, my son is now reading on grade level. For the first time, he has discovered a love of reading. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity and success that The Reading Center has given my son.

The Reading Center has been a God send for Chloe and I. 

When Yvette Blanchard told me she felt God calling her to tutor kids with dyslexia little did she know I had been struggling with reading with my daughter, Chloe for several years.   I had tried several other tutors but it didn't seem to solve the frustration both Chloe and I felt when it came to the subject of reading.  As a home school Mom I knew in my heart there had to be a better way besides seeing Chloe struggle and  constantly trying to guess and memorize words.  We had tried numerous reading curriculum only to continue having the same issues which ended in both of us dreading reading time and Chloe not really advancing much in reading.

The Reading Center's method is training Chloe to slow down and retrain the brain in a way that helps dyslexics tremendously.  After our first few sessions, she was excited and asking to read which really was not a common occurrence for her in our household.

Chloe looks forward to her tutoring sessions with Yvette each week and is really showing remarkable improvement.  It has been a tremendous blessing and an answer to our prayers!!  We love The Reading Center!!
- Betsy Dumesnil